Couples Therapy Sessions

Whether you’ve been married four months or forty years; whether you’re thinking about getting married, engaged, or dating seriously; or you’re just trying to figure your relationship out, we often need help navigating it all. Relationships take a lot of nurturance and attention, regardless of the stage of the relationship. Couple dynamics can be a significant resource for individuals when positive and emotionally supportive. In contrast, couples with internal/external stressors to their alliance can cause feelings of distress. Therefore, how the couple interacts with each other is an important factor that can either buffer or enhance feelings of distress.

Seeking support from a trained therapist can promote healthy communication, understanding of relationships dynamics and present the ability to take responsibility for feelings while being accountable for one’s role in the relationship. My approach is aimed at helping couples address the core problems unique to their relationship. I offer a comprehensive, collaborative approach that is designed to get beneath the “presenting issues” of the relationship. I look at the roots of the problems and the opportunities for healing and transformation through greater relational intimacy. I work with married and unmarried couples across a wide spectrum. Whether you need help getting “unstuck” or you are looking for better communication skills, recovering from infidelity or loss, or have significant relational impairment and/or disconnection I am here to help.

~ Premarital Counseling

~ Relationship/Marriage Counseling
~ Separation/Divorce Counseling
~ Transitioning through Life Stages
~ Communication Skills Training/Conflict Resolution
~ Sexual/Romantic Issues
~ Infidelity
~ Exploring and understanding strengths and growth areas for both individuals, and in the relationship
~ Developing and strengthing healthy boundaries with your partner and others
~ Developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself and your significant other
~ Exploring issues regarding finances, parenting, and in-laws
~ Working through often avoided “hot topics”
~ Exploring blended family issues (if applicable)

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