Feelings of anxiety and sadness are normal and natural emotions. Emotions are an important part of adaption for our survival. However, when you are in the midst of distress, it can be difficult to recognize the different between a healthy gamut of emotions and symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Often times, the warning signs can be overlooked as a normal amounts of stress and/or anxiety or sadness. However, there are specific markers that communicate that there has been a transition into anxious arousal or depression, which then can cause a number of negative medical and psychological outcomes. The self-assessments below for anxiety and depression can help you to start the process of looking closer at your current emotional state. Please feel free to bring your results the self-assessments into your first session.

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Postpartum Depression (PPD) can present as extreme feelings of sadness, anxiety and/or exhaustion that may make it difficult to function, lead a fulfilling life and actively participate in motherhood. One in eight women experience Postpartum Depression. However, PPD is commonly not reported or talked about due to feelings of shame and/or confusion around what is supposed to be the “happiest” time in a woman’s life.  

It takes a lot of courage and self-compassion to allow oneself to start talking about feelings that might feel unwanted and unnatural related to the birth of a baby. Below you will find the self-assessment for Postpartum Depression as well as a Self-Compassion Scale. Please feel free to pair the two together, as I feel it takes a lot of self-compassion to honor the full duality of being a mother.

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